African baskets, creating a lasting impact.

At Kushti we believe that everyone deserves to make a fair wage to support themselves and those around them, no matter where they are in the world.
We don't just measure success by how many products we have sold but by how the lives of our astisans and their communities improve over time too. We have teamed up with fairtrade suppliers and incredibly skilled artisans to provide you with beautiful woven goods that narrate a story of positive change.
There is integrity in what we supply as a business and in turn there is integrity in what you buy as a valued customer.

 Seraphines story..

"I feel proud when I see that due to my weaving, all of my seven children are grown up and finishing studies to the level I didnt reach.

I was born in a family on seven and lost my father when I was 7. I was lucky to go to school for 6 years but due to limited resources at home I had to drop out when I was 14 to find a job. 

I met my husband and over the course of 18 years we had 7 children making it necessary for me to work to provide for all of them.

Joining a fairtrade wholesale company changed my life. It allows me to sell for better prices, participate in price negotiations and get paid all at once - which lets me plan for monthly expences and savings.

I the seven years I have been working with the support of fairtrade I have been able to make more than enough money to satisfy my basic needs and childrens educations.

I was able to take out a loan to build a new house, pay school fees for all seven children and thats not all - I actually have money to invest in different things like land for farming, livestock, renovating my house and electricity. 

Baskets are our stamp of culture and tradition and now development. Baskets bring hope to our future, its bright! 


Weaving Hope with Each Basket from KAZI by All Across Africa on Vimeo.

Cultivating sustainable change...

Seraphine isnt the only one with a story like this. Our fairtrade partners have helped to create employment for more than 3,600 artisans, impacting more than 19,000 family members and 100,000 members of communities across Rwanda, Uganda and Ghana. 

But this impact goes far beyond increasing spending in their communities. Like Seraphine these artisans become entrepreneurs and leaders who inspire the people around them. Check out our baskets here.



Read more from some of our artisans...


I weave to create a stable life for my children and a secure future for myself... Despite having to stop my education after grade four, weaving has given me opportunities for leadership and personal growth.
- Eulerie Kankindi

Weaving has uplifted my life. As a result, I try to uplift the lives of other women. I was elected to serve on a council of women in my sector, where I advocate for the development and advancement of women in my community. In the past, women in Rwanda stayed at home, but now society is encouraging women to develop their own skills.
- Eugenie Nyanzira

At eighteen, I married a man who did not treat me well. The marriage and mistreatment destroyed me emotionally, and I carry the pain with me to this day...I love weaving because it keeps women from begging and allows a single mom like me to provide my children with everything they need. Not only has it lifted me and so many other women out of extreme conditions of poverty, but it provides us with a safe place.
- Marie Chantal Mukakalisa

Although society might not associate males with weaving, I am not embarrassed because I am providing for my wife and child instead of sitting around without work...I have the courage to take risks and try new things if it means creating a better life for my family. One day, I hope to send my child to school and continue to improve my home.
- Alphonse Nzeyimana

I didn’t let being a woman stop me from succeeding in life...women are responsible and spend to improve daily life as well as society. We are good at communicating and quick to understand every situation. This is why I am so grateful for KAZI, because I see them giving women a chance to succeed.
- Conclilide Kabasinga

I rose and became a leader because people trusted me and I was always responsible. I inspire my community as a successful single mother and hope to send my daughter to a university when she finishes secondary school.
- Speciose Mukakibibi